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Large Fire Pit


Diameter 850mm (inside bowl 590mm)

Height 270mm

Weight 64kg

Fully certified (grade 220) 8mm cast iron


Large Fire Pit (bare metal)
High Temp' Paint
Weatherproof Cover


UK National Pallet

Within Norfolk


All prices include VAT


£70 approx'



Small Fire Pit


Diameter 540mm

Height 300mm

Weight 34kg

Fully certified (grade 220) 7mm cast iron


Small Fire Pit (bare metal)
High Temp' Paint

Weather Cover

Cooking Grill

Cooking Plate


Delivery: As per the Large Fire Pit

All prices include VAT






Hardwood Top

Oak Hardwood Fire Pit Top

A handmade wooden top will fit perfectly onto your Fire Pit converting it into a handy outside coffee table

Made from Oak, Cedar or Iroko (Teak)

Large Fire Pit Top = £350

Small Fire Pit Top = £230

Custom made...

Hardwood Base

Oak Hardwood Folding Legs Stand

We made this solid oak base for a customer that wanted to use their Large Fire Pit oak top as a coffee table inside in the winter. It also comes apart into 2 pieces for storage.

Made from Oak, Cedar or Iroko (Teak).


Hardwood Base = £350 approx'

Customer Request

+ Barbeque

Small Cast Iron BBQ Fire Pit

You can purchase additional cooking grills and plates (mix and match) to turn your small fire pit into a barbecue...

Cooking Grills are £82 each

Cooking Plates are £78 each

Handles are £20 each

Cooking Accessories  

Other Services

M&J Young B0207 2.jpg

Upon request we can quote for the design and manufacture of patterns and moulds to custom make anything that is cast in metal.

Fire Bowls, Fence Railings, Lamp Posts, Gates, Garden Ornaments, Pots, Gutter, Chimneys, Stair Treads, Spiral Staircase, Balustrades, Balconies, Grills and Grates - almost anything!


We manufacture and modify a large amount of patterns for the decorative cast iron market as well as engine parts, locomotive and marine engineering.

Patterns can be used for mass production or one-off components, and created from original castings or technical or CAD drawings.

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