"Amazing quality fire pit that we use all of the time.  Highly recommended."

Designed and patterned by us in our workshop in Norfolk, these high quality cast fire pits are cast in iron, but can also
be made from bronze, or any other molten metal.

The cast fire pits shown on this site are 8mm thick cast iron, made in one piece - a product made to last.

850mm diameter by 270mm tall.

Prices start at £450 including VAT.

Our Products

Cast Fire Pits by MJY Patterns
Cast Iron Fire Pit made in Norfolk

An impressive cast fire pit with a unique and appealing pattern.  Made from cast iron, but can be cast in bronze or other molten metal.

Upon request we can quote for the design and manufacture of patterns and moulds to custom make anything that is cast in metal; Fence Railings, Lamp Posts, Gates, Garden Ornaments etc. 

We manufacture and modify a large amount of patterns for the decorative cast iron market as well as engine part patterns. Patterns can be used for mass production or one-off components.